Save Your Septic System From Damage

Call a professional for septic system installations and repairs in Merkel and Abilene, TX

When you need septic services in Merkel and Abilene, TX, contact Badger Dirt & Septic LP. We’re not afraid to do the dirty work. You can rely on us to complete your commercial or residential septic system projects. Our services include:

  • System and tank installation
  • System and tank repair
  • Tank cleaning
  • System pumping

To speak with one of our septic service technicians in Merkel, TX, call us today at 325-928-5744.

Why should you pump your septic tank?

When was the last time your septic tank was pumped? If you don’t know when your tank was last pumped, contact Badger Dirt & Septic ASAP. Your septic tank should be pumped at least once every five years. If you fail to pump your septic tank regularly, it could create a messy and costly problem.
If you don’t pump your septic tank regularly, this is what will happen:

  • Your yard will smell like sewage.
  • Your septic tank will overflow and spill sludge and sewage onto your lawn.
  • Your pipes will burst or crack due to sludge buildup.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to pump your septic tank. Take preventive measures today. Call us now at 325-928-5744 to schedule your septic service in Merkel and Abilene, TX.