Grease traps are absolutely part of the restaurant industry and a need regular routine service to be effective. Grease traps are designed to protect your drain lines, the city's sewer lines, and to protect the waste water treatment plant of your municipality. We have a specialized service to pump and clean out your restaurant grease traps.

Each municipality or city outlines a number of regulations on the service and upkeep of grease traps. As a restaurant owner or manager you are obligated to follow these regulations to ensure the safety of the public your employees and your restaurant guests. Your restaurant's grease trap should not be ignored. Grease traps are designed to prevent fats, oils and grease from entering the waste water system. You are required to have a grease trap but it needs to be maintained pumped and cleaned on a regular basis so it can do it's job of protecting the clean water standards of the EPA and of Abilene, Sweetwater, Merkel, Clyde, Roby, Rotan, Haskell, Munday, Clyde, Breckenridge, Anson, Albany, Lawn, Winters, Tuscola, Buffalo Gap, Coleman, Cross Plains, Ballinger, and many other communities in the Big Country.