We Make Moving Dirt Simple

Hire our dirt contractor in Merkel and Abilene, TX for excavation services

When you need dirt moved, don’t get your hands dirty. Let Badger Dirt & Septic LP handle the job for you. Our dirt moving team based in Merkel and Abilene, TX, which is the heart of the Big Country can:

  • Move dirt to your location
  • Push dirt to a specific section of your project area
  • Remove contaminated soil from your site
  • Haul sand, rock and caliche to and from your property
  • Help repair and smooth roads
  • Build driveways
  • Some light land clearing

To speak with a member of our dirt moving team in Merkel, TX, call us today at 325-928-5744.

Let us handle the building preparation

In addition to our excavation services in Merkel and Abilene, TX, we provide several building preparation services, including:

  • We build pad sites for new home construction
  • We build sunken or above ground sites for manufactured housing (mobile homes)
  • We do foundation preparation for pear and beam construction 


To learn more about our building preparation services, contact Badger Dirt & Septic today.